Sometimes we Just Need to Reach a Little Higher


Presented by the listing agent, Stan Ponte, The Woolworth Tower Residences is a feat of man-made excellence. A New York City landmark, the Woolworth Tower has added 33 truly breath-taking condominiums on its top 30 floors. Finished in 1913 and still a staple of the New York skyline, this building was celebrated as an architectural masterpiece. The tallest building of its time and located at the edge of Tribeca, the Woolworth Tower continues to inspire artists, movie makers, architects, and designers today.

Woolworth Pinnacle Penthouse

When I look at a building like this or any other awe-inspiring contribution of my humankind brothers and sisters, I am overcome with joy. I am reminded why I strive every day to be a better woman, sister, daughter, neighbor, friend and business owner. Often my profession gets a bad rep, because of a few outliers with self-serving motives, but most of the clients and vendors that I work with show me that my job is not about selling you the house or collecting a commission, but about being there for you to reach a little higher towards your dreams.

Maybe your dream is to move to New York City and live in the newly renovated residences at the Woolworth Tower or maybe you would like to simply sell your current home because your family is growing. Whatever your dream may be, a guest bedroom, a master bathroom or downsizing and moving back into the city, I am here to guide you through the transition. Contact me today. We can begin to reach a little higher for you and your future.  What is your dream? Let me know at